Image Overload: 3D Mapping on Android

I’m one step closer to dropping an app on the Android Market. I’m thinking ‘live wallpaper.’ The existing ones on the market are weak sauce, so I might be able to get some downloads. Keyword, “might.” That might be a pipe dream.

Anyhow, I’m learning how to render stuff in 3D using OpenGL. I have got the cube down, since it is easy.

+1 gif

You’re welcome for that animated gif ^

I’d like to have something (crappy) on the market in a few weeks. Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll see what I can toss together.

The Perfect Buffalo Burger

If there is one thing I like more than animated GIFs, it is buffalo burger. And I love me some animated Gifs…following that line of reasoning, I really love me some buffalo burger.


How about that slick guy^ ? And those slick burgers ^ ?

Here is The Perfect Buffalo Burger recipe:

Step 1) Place 1/2 lb ground buffalo in bowl
Step 2) Add a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce (feel free to substitute Gloucestershire, Dorchester, or any other German-sounding sauce)
Step 3) Toss in some bread crumbs…this will soak up what little fat there is, and keep the burgers from drying out
Step 4) Fire up the George Foreman Grill…knock that sucker out
Step 5) Cook until desired “done-ness” is achieved…I like my buffalo mooing, so two minutes per side is about perfect.
Step 6) Assemble, and enjoy.

DO NOT OVERCOOK BUFFALO… order/eat it a full level of done-ness below how you would beef. Trust me on this one.

Note 2:
UBUNTU RULES… try tossing an animated gif together using the trial version of Corel Paint that comes with your stupid Windows machine. The Gimp is free as always with Karmic Koala. Linux rules. Trust me on this one, too.

From Alum to Ranger

This is my *first attempt at animation. Not bad for twenty odd minutes of work. It turns out that the Photoshop help index is useful.

Here is my projected regression of Daryl’s facial hair as he moves from his current stage of life to that of a Montana Fish and Game warden.

This tool may usher in a whole new level of obscurity for You are all welcome.