Brittany Murphy Overdose

Best known for playing the “I’ll never tell” girl, and the chick who humped Eminem in the factory during 8-mile, former Clueless star Brittany Murphy has died. Oh nos!

Drug overdose? Show of hands…

Avatar in a Nutshell

Are you…
Too cheap to shell out $ for a theatre seat?
The resident of a 3-D theatre-less town? (Bozeman)
Sure James Cameron can’t top Titanic…don’t care?

Here you go…from Comixed:


Looks good…I’m going.


Got any Hulkamaniacs on your X-Mas list?


For a mere $5, you will have him/her more pumped up than Big John Stud after winning the $15,000 body slam match against Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania 1. Look it up, little Hulksters.

Oh Nosos! 2009 AMA Mishap

While Jenny from the Block was busy falling down and looking like an idiot…


…I think Kelly Clarkson just ate American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert