Android Side Project

Much like the girl has decided to keep at the in-womb thing, I have decided to keep at the Java thing. Little brat. I decided to figure out how to dump accelerometer / orientation data off of the phone, for use with the IOIO.

In short, I am roughly attempting to see how the data exists in its natural state, in order to figure out how to scrub and interface with my physical components.

android side project beta
warning beta stage warning

So far, I have nice looking code that blasts a force close scenario. Great.

Anyhow, I’m hoping my time on this effort comes to a close and the girl decides to join us. Teamwork…I’ll code, she can practice her singing.

WordPress 3.2 Custom Layout

After the whole fiasco that came with my upgrade to WordPress 3.2, I
decided to shell my old layout and go with a new free website
. Not only was it too bloated with jqueries, but the whole
thing was sort of outdated. Time for some new blood, to go with my new
(faster?) server.

Introducing: Swiz3

wordpress 3.2 free layout
swiz 3.1

Way quicker than the Swiz2* series. It turns out that WP has introduced a bunch of the custom menu junk that I formerly have fought with into their release, so out with the old.

Consider this a working beta, and pay no attention to anything wonky on IE…haven’t even looked at this site on that. Cheers.