The Crappiest Woot Bag of Crap

Hefty? In need of a red shirt?

crappy woot boc
thumbs down

My third Woot BOC showed up, and lived up to its name. Incredibly crappy.


Sort of sad that the Fuji 1.5V long life AA was the surprise hero of the box.

I’m serious about the shirt. I’ll ship.

BOC Unboxing

It (still) never rains…

boc woot
crappy woot crap is bag of crappy

The second woot bag of crap is equally as crappy.

…as much as I like refurbished ethernet routers, I think BOC round two wins. Winning being on an inverted scale, whereas less crappy is awarded more points.

I can chop up USB Guard Dog for its infared sensor, and the small Swanson girl will play with the caped monkey. Win win for the win…


It never rains…


…another Bag O Crap. Expect another unboxing when number two arrives.