Domain Name Change

Testing the new uploads…I have made the 100% switch from bouncerblog…images might be jacked up, but the indexing appears to be working. webmastering ftw

End of an Era

R.I.P. has had a good run.

engineer ^………………………………………..cop^………………….programmer^

Since bouncing is no longer applicable to anything on this site, it is time for a change…

Welcome to Same old bullshit, with added bullshit for your reading pleasure.

I am tired

I will be giving these photos an accompanying story in a bit…just a preview to let yall know we have you viewers in mind. I need about five naps after all of this shit.

Sorry for the lapse everybody. Here we go.
This is Cat/Griz eve. Granted this Friday was busier than the average night, but the ladies room is always near this level of pure disorder. Kyle and I have a little mime act as to what may happen to leave things in this condition…it involves throwing toilet paper in the air and yelling “woo.” It is sort of funny at two thirty in the morning.

Here are D, Griff, and I stocking the cooler after close. Two of the three recall this picture being taken. Good work Gackle.

On to some actual Cat/Griz photos. Dave gets the party started with some Champagne far too early, and things just sort of play out from there. Auto-pilot as my homey Eve would say.

Lets follow it up with a series of weird beard photos…

…and then with Waldo’s drunk ass grabbing some zzz’s

All right. Nobody really knows how exactly Dave ended up with the stamp pad from the doormen at the ticket entrance. It happened, however, resulting in a few dozen of our buddies and their buddies buddies cousins getting free passes into the Brawl of the Wild. Can you imagine the look on those guy’s faces when they realized that they botched the one simple task that was their charge?

And then Voy invented a restroom.

My photo journalism was lacking from this point on. I ended up on the field with a goal post, but for some reason the post is quite elusive in photography. I have some pics from Specs and from the field that I will toss in the gallery.

The weekend in a photo? Right here. A big pork rind & beer thumbs up.

Weekend Heroics

Long story short…fight breaks out, Swanny hops the bar to swoon the female patrons, Griff wears one in the grill, Beam is consumed. Was “Billie Jean” playing during this altercation? Quite likely.