It Never Rains

Greetings from 4800 feet above sea level…the ever-lovely Bozeman, Montana. Bad news to everyone to the right side of the Rockies: we are sending more water your way.

Bozeman Creek is starting to hop some banks.

bozeman creek
Bozeman Creek

I jumped on the CT-90 after work and headed out to survey the situation. These pics were taken in Bozeman proper…on Church street North of Kagy.

bozeman flood
nearly flood stage

There have been some road closures further North, as the stream has been running over a few roadways. Coincidentally, both major breaches have been near culverts…one under Mendenhall and one under Kagy. Poor planning, city engineers.

A few hundred yards down the road from the bridge, I popped into my sister’s old condo complex. I have seen some sandbagging there in the past.

bozeman creek sandbag effort
looks it a day

A for effort, guys. Take the grade into consideration next time. This thing is slated to crest next week….we’ll see what happens. Strange year for extreme weather, to say the least.

Montana Muffin

Nice late summer day…

some pretty little muffin mountains

Playing cowboy w/ D Rock…

4 wheeler trick
hey this

Trick time…

fuck you...gotta go

(-1 off topic)
(-1 spelled “muffin” “m-u-f-l-i-n”)
(+1 muflin sounds sort of funny)
(-1 total score FTL)

The Great Bozeman Storm of 2010

I snapped this pic from work (in Four Corners) about twenty minutes before hell wrought down fury upon Bozeman, Montana in the form of large hail.


Hail dents the size of Matzah Balls. Details will follow.

From Inept RA to Inept Sex Offender

I fired up the Bozeman Daily Chronicle today to find a treat. As luck would have it, my corpulent former RA from the dorms is in some hot water. Good stuff…

From the Cronicle:

A Belgrade man pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to attempted sexual exploitation of children, U.S. Attorney Bill Mercer said in a written statement.

Rayne Allen Wolery, 30, was accused of corresponding with a 14-year-old girl on Facebook beginning in June.

According to prosecutors, Wolery had met the 14-year-old girl briefly in a chance encounter at a marina near Helena, then looked her up on Facebook and contacted her. When Wolery’s conversations became sexual, law enforcement in Helena began posing as the girl on her Facebook account.

Wolery sent pictures of his naked penis to the girl’s account and asked her to show them to a friend, prosecutors said. Wolery also asked the girl and her friend to take sexually explicit photographs of themselves and send them to him over the Internet.

Wolery was arrested, and a search of his computer and Nokia cell phone showed they had been used to communicate with the girl and undercover police.

When questioned, Wolery admitted sending the pictures of himself, thinking they were going to a 14-year-old girl and her friend. He also admitted to asking for explicit photos of the girls.

Sentencing is set for March 18, 2010. He is currently detained.

Wolery faces up to 30 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and lifetime supervision.

The investigation was a cooperative effort between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Montana Division of Criminal Investigation.

The Cronicle staff didn’t include a picture of this piece of shit…I will

That beady-eyed creep was too inept to carry out his RA duties with twenty of us honors students…I’m not surprised in the least that he botched his attempt at child predatorialism.

I don’t have any patience for this type of shit…with any luck Rayne will sit in prison for a long, long time. I’m glad the girls weren’t hurt, aside from damage incurred by viewing the picture of his “naked penis”, of course. Gross.