Great Scott!

I don’t think Batman says that…I’m thinking that Great Scott is more of a Doc from Back to the Future thing. Who cares? Not I…regardless, this is one sweet ‘do/display of horrible (or awesome) parenting

why not?
why not?

The Cholula Incident

After seeing some terrible craigslist entries over the past few months, I decided to do a little experiment. Observe:

So I assumed this would get flagged as a joke…not the case. Thus far, I have received the following emails:


and my absolute favorite…

Good looking out, Ryan.


My first Lolcat, a la MS Paint and Google Images:

And the application for ^ Lolcat

The Big Lebowski

For those readers unfamiliar with The Big Lebowski…watch the movie. Those familiar with the film know this is pretty funny. I found this comment in a editorial.

Jesus and Karl Hungus are two prominent characters in the show. Pretty sure this one is getting on CollegeHumor.