Neural Network Learning

I’ve touched on this before, but I needed to give another shout to a true comic genius, Drew at MTTS / Toothpaste / Superpoop. Trifecta of funny…today’s Toothpaste for Dinner is amazingly good:


Funny, and honest. Don’t believe me? Check out Reddit for a few minutes…the trolls are rampant. They have trolls trolling trolls, and ranking each other’s trolling abilities. It is all very confusing.

Anyhow, Buy a shirt from Drew or something. He probably has some coffee mugs too…seems like that is par for the course as far as blogger merch is concerned. And check out the archive section at Married to the Sea while you are over there…very awesome.

Comics that aren’t Horrible

I have made zero effort to conceal the fact that I hate comics. They are, as a whole, utterly useless. Utterly.

In my book, there are only three people making comics that are worth reading. My first? Randall from xkcd…pretty much speaks for itself for a math dude to be all over that stuff. My other two are Drew and Natalie, and their combined four works.

Here is my favourite MTTS entry of the month…

…and what I deem to be Natalie’s best (or most random) offering…

Hit one of those ill links to get to the respective sites. They also pen Super Poop and Toothpaste for Dinner, which, names aside, are incredible as well.

Oblig unixkcd

Every nerd’s favourite webcomic was extra nerdy today, April Fool’s Day…

randall get out of my head
randall get out of my head

(hit the pix link for full-sized)

I need to view the source and figure out how Randall managed to emulate a fricking terminal on xkcd, but mad props nonetheless.

***bonus points for the lame “top command” joke***