Online Hiring Option | On-the-Job Trials

Consider the following set:

S = [ outsourcing, crowdsourcing, trialsourcing ]

You probably have heard of the first two elements of set S. Each of the first has merit, and each has its drawbacks. Whereas one gives you a desired quality at the cost of time, the other gives you a desired timeline, at the cost of quality control.

The third item, trialsourcing, bridges the gap.

trial sourcing

I stumbled across a company called vWorker that has come up with a truly novel idea. Their solution is On the job trial: crowdsourcing, trialsourcing. The principle idea at the heart of the approach a project by letting potential employees provide actual code, for both small (crowdsourcing) efforts and larger (trialsourceing) implementations. It effectively takes the guessing game out of the equations, allowing the person issuing the contract to have confidence in the quality of the contractor’s work.

Hit one of the links to take a look. It is very novel.