It Never Rains

Greetings from 4800 feet above sea level…the ever-lovely Bozeman, Montana. Bad news to everyone to the right side of the Rockies: we are sending more water your way.

Bozeman Creek is starting to hop some banks.

bozeman creek
Bozeman Creek

I jumped on the CT-90 after work and headed out to survey the situation. These pics were taken in Bozeman proper…on Church street North of Kagy.

bozeman flood
nearly flood stage

There have been some road closures further North, as the stream has been running over a few roadways. Coincidentally, both major breaches have been near culverts…one under Mendenhall and one under Kagy. Poor planning, city engineers.

A few hundred yards down the road from the bridge, I popped into my sister’s old condo complex. I have seen some sandbagging there in the past.

bozeman creek sandbag effort
looks it a day

A for effort, guys. Take the grade into consideration next time. This thing is slated to crest next week….we’ll see what happens. Strange year for extreme weather, to say the least.

Why Winter is the Worst

A: Too cold for the Trail-90


Actually, number one might be “too cold for time in my ‘lab.'” I need to get a box heater cranking out there and get to work. My soldering iron is collecting dust, as are my C++ haxx0r sk1lz. Winter can blow me.

100 Plus MPG

My CT-90 not only looks awesome…


…My CT-90 is good on the ol’ pocketbook

rules ass
rules ass, indeed

100 MPG (Miles Per Gallon)
200 MPA (Miles Per Awesome)