LED…Matrix or Cube?

They’ve arrived…

white leds
nearly a gross

125 white LEDs. My first thought is 5*5*5 LED cube, powered by the Arduino. I am also thinking that a 6*20 LED matrix would be pretty slick. Either way, my soldering skillz will be put to the test, and awesomeness will surely ensue.

Image Overload: 3D Mapping on Android

I’m one step closer to dropping an app on the Android Market. I’m thinking ‘live wallpaper.’ The existing ones on the market are weak sauce, so I might be able to get some downloads. Keyword, “might.” That might be a pipe dream.

Anyhow, I’m learning how to render stuff in 3D using OpenGL. I have got the cube down, since it is easy.

+1 gif

You’re welcome for that animated gif ^

I’d like to have something (crappy) on the market in a few weeks. Don’t hold your breath, but we’ll see what I can toss together.