Rattle Can Makeover

Impatiently awaiting my Dremel from Amazon, I made an executive decision that Clocky’s bright orange motif had to go. Clocky already had some big rims; sort of like my SS. Sort of too like my Yukon. Hmm…black and chrome…sort of a no-brainer.

Step 1: teardown / spray paint

tear down

Step 2: Re-assemble

bringin sexy black
sum of parts

Much better. Hoping to have the little guy rotary-drilled and souped-up before too long. Check back in soon.

Custom IOIO Enclosure

My conversion from DC motors to continuous drive servos is going to be a little more involved than first assumed. The idea is to keep the speaker, upgrade the drive-train, and re-purpose some buttons for power and possible function modes. Oh, and perhaps the toughest item…enclosing the IOIO itself…without nuking the bluetooth function.

Here goes nothing…

ioio enclosure teardown

It became quite clear that I need to gear up before proceeding.

hot glue gun and dremel from amazon

Shipped and on the way…hoping to get a chance this weekend to get my grind (and glue) on.

Quad Monitors

The only better thing than one nice monitor is two nice monitors. The only thing better than two nice monitors, is one really nice monitor and a hi-res laptop monitor. The only thing better than one nice monitor and one laptop monitor is that, in addition to one sort of lousy monitor.

So, I guess I am winning that game…my work setup is equally that:

trips at work

I need to step it up and go for quad monitors. Quads would be great…I get sort of jealous when I see something like this when I am daydreaming of the perfect work setup:

multiplex triple setup
fancy trips

Imagine something like that, with three of my 24″s from work sitting perfectly on my desk. Symmetrical, clean, and awesome. I found myself on Mulitiplex’s site looking at some of their setups…I am completely in awe of this guy:

quad setup

And hence the title of the post…I have an itch to put together a quad monitor setup. Big time. I am up in the air as to whether a single monitor on top of the triple monitor setup would be better than the giant quadrilateral, but either one would be amazing.

Maybe I can get this up and going…

iPhone 4 The Loss

Five million Pounds…that is roughly eight million USD. If you happen to have that sort of loot sitting around, like diamonds, and have bought into the iPhone hype…this son of a gun is right up your alley.

bling bling

I’m struggling to come up with some sort of joke involving Dustin Diamond. Not coming together. Just think about Screetch being broke or something. Saved by the Bell was uber-syndicated…how the crap did Double D blow all of his money? Maybe he commissioned someone to diamond-up a Zach Morris phone back in the day. I bet that would cost well more than five million Pounds. Even with inflation taken into consideration.