Laser Tomfoolery Ends in Arrest

This CBS affiliate is reporting that the man arrested a mini-van owner for a little green laser hyjinx. Hyjinx? Hijinks? Hyjynx? Not sure, but tallk about some injustice…

pew pew pew


On the ground, a Camden police unit responded to the corner of Alabama Road and Congress Road and located Villalobos sitting inside a red Dodge minivan. Police approached Villalobos, who admitted to being the person flashing the laser light at the helicopter, saying that he thought it had been a news helicopter.

The laser pointer light was located inside the glove compartment box of the vehicle.

The question remains, Did this guy…

a) Own said mini-van
b) Borrow his wife’s mini-van, or
c) Borrow his mom’s mini-van

I’m going with c. It seems like a really “live at home in the basement” thing to do…