Extra Dirty Legion

Long story short…Boodles exploded. Archaic gas lines caught fire sans shut-off valve.

It was one hell of a run.

“Awesome” Punctuation on some Sign’s from the “Legion”

Note too the drink specials. We won’t get into what a “Naked Ninja Turtle” is, because it is a “fucking retarded” shot. Okay, it is mostly Sprite and some green schnapps, with a “fucking retarded” name. Harvey Wallbangers…I don’t think anyone has ordered a Harvey Wallbanger since gents were doing the lindey hop with their best gals during the Hoover administration. The college kids love Tom Collin’ses. Tom Collin’ses, Tom Collins “bombs”…they cannot get enough of that shit.

I swear to Christ…

Meet Brian

As Bob can apparently attest, Gay Brian is one motorboating son-of-a-bitch.


(Best Bob face ever)

Greetings from the ER

J.C. snapped a pic from the ER during the Great Bozeman Beach Incident of ’08 aftermath…
I think it would make for a good Christmas Card.

Zany Bob

Suz Bob Steve

Suz, B.O.B., and Lil Steve from Friday night…have a good time in Italy, Suz