Rural Satellite Internet

For a long while when we ~buffering~ used to stream YouTube ~buffering~ videos our inter… ~buffering~ …net connection used to be sort of ~buffering OoO buffering OoO buffering~ lousy. It would randomly stop ~buffering~ a movie for several seconds, which does ~buffering~ not seem like much of a deal unless you are trying to ~buffering OoO buffering OoO buffering~ concentrate on ~buffering~ something. Buffering.

Well, fortunately for us, our issue was an easy fix. As the technician did the normal technician thing, whereas he checks line levels at the modem and works backwards to the stub in, he (we) found a splice into the neighbor’s place. Must have been an inside deal at some point…an inside deal that would have gone unnoticed a few years ago. Once I moved in and started cranking high speed internet and two digital cable connections on the coaxial, it became a sore thumb.

The question of the day is this…what do you do in a place without the physical connections that we have? Are you just s.o.l. and stuck buffering?


rural internet

Whereas dial-up connections were the status quo, the future is now here, my friends. Satellite Internet is your answer.

It is pretty amazing if you stop to think about it…jumping up to broadband speeds from dial-up, using technology that is superseding that of the cellular industry. Leaps and bounds, when comparing geosynchronous orbit to the height of a cell tower. Think about that.

Anyhow, hit that link above to see how a good provider does it. Or buffer…your choice.