EE Feature

swan tron dot com recently made the front page of EEWeb. Well I’ll be.

eeweb feature

eeweb feature


I appreciated the bump in traffic.
I am more appreciative of the recognition by an EE site. Don’t underestimate we hacky math types.

Thanks to EEWeb…

Servo Schmervo… Arduino Sweep

In preparation for the impending shit-storm that will consist of me, a soldering iron, and dozens of small, fragile components, I decided to see if I can actually get my Arduino to talk to a servo. Well, it turns out that the code is not the issue.

The built in servo library is pretty easy to tackle. A little bit of analogue, a little bit of digital, a little bit of shameless self promotion…

shameless plug

Step one…check. I can sweep through 180 degrees. Can I solder to save my ass (and semi-valuable electrical components)…time will tell.

Also, I’m post dating this post. Happy B-Day Betsy.

Arduino Motor Shield

I splurged on a motor shield from Lady Ada for my Arduino antics.

Here it is..

motor shields
shit, indeed

“Some Assembly Required” Sonofabitch. I guess my soldering skills are going to be put to the test. Stay tuned.

Arduino Robot

I’m not there yet, but let’s chalk this one up as a step towards the end goal…which would be the title of this post. A Damned Arduino Robot!


Granted, this is basically just my hello world (hola mundo) program with the addition of a solderlss breadboard into the fray. But, it is awesome and, I am going to be the coolest dude on the block when I come rolling out with a bad-ass robot.

I had better get back to work.