IOIO Bootloader Update

Well, I made some progress this weekend with respect to hardware, firmware, and bootloaders. My bluetooth IOIO implementation is still giving Eclipse shit-fits. I am seeing an error with the bluetooth library…it fails on compilation. Unfortunitely, I am running out of weekend, so will cut this one short and make a statement about the backend.

In order to replace that pesky USB cord with a sleek virtual cord, aka a bluetooth connection, one must update not only the IOIO application, but also the IOIO bootloader. The application is easy enough to flash, but he bootloader requires a programmer for updating. Luckily, Ytai was kind enough to design a ‘programmer by second board’ option, and incorporate that into the same UI as he utilized for flashing apps to the board. The first step was off to SparkFun for a second IOIO.

ioio android bootloader

I kept the second bare bones, except for the pins I would need to do the actual programming.

soldering stuff
ugly but functional

The key was to have both boards up to date enough to function as programmer and target, so I first loaded the newest application versions to each board. The rest was a matter of utilizing the IOIO Manager app on the Android, and letting the programmer do its thing.

two ioios
ginger ale? no.

For reference, the setup was power to power, ground to ground, pins 37|38 to pins 37|38, and pin 36 to mclr…with mclr being on the target board. USB connected to the programmer board…that is that.

Unfortunately, my IOIOSeek app ended up stroking out when I attempted to load the bluetooth library. It works fine with the newest general library version, so I know that my bootloader indeed was a success. Back to the Java drawing board before I can demonstrate the new feature.

Compiz Error in Ubuntu Natty

For the most part, I have had good luck with Compiz, Unity, and Ubuntu 11.04 in general. I have said it before, but worth a repost…if you do a vanilla install of Ubuntu, the first thing you should do is get the Compiz configuration tool…I’ll even spell it out.

1) Open a terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+t)
2) Run this command: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
3) Hit enter…done. Nothing to it.

Anyhow, I have seen the following bug a few times…so I finally snagged a screenshot:

compiz fail
wobbly fail

It appears that the workspace switcher and wobbly windows have some sort of issue with one another. I don’t see this when I use keyboard shortcuts, and I have been employing those nearly extensively to pop around. Super Key+S (Windows key / Apple key) to open the switcher…or bypassed with Ctrl+Alt+left or Ctrl+Alt+up for instance. It works slickly, once you spend some time poking around.

I suppose it would be prudent for me to enter this bug into the Ubuntu QA system…I am not in the mood to search for duplicate tickets. I do that crap all day at work…enough is enough.

Drop me a comment if you have seen this one in action. Or, if you have any workspace suggestions, send that over too.

Network Admin Fail

I haven’t had much to publish as of late. Not for lack of trying; I have been quiet because of a damned roadblock. I figured I could smash my way through a few MAC/IP settings, and have my Ethernet Shield doing all sorts of cool stuff with my Arduino. I was sorely mistaken.

This afternoon, I took another stab at the thing. Even after attempting to put together a cross-over setup…I still cannot telnet to my goddamned card. I don’t know how many arp and ifconfig commands I have sent, but it has to be in the triple digits. To no avail.

Looks like it is back to network 101 for this guy. Son of a bitch. We’re going manual. On the bright side, I worked inside today…

+1 counter-height table

Bonus Pledge, courtesy of Katie.

For what it is worth, I found a few commands that don’t seem to work on the command line…

arp -a
command not found

I think I will pack this thing to work and tackle it on my lunch breaks. Enough is enough.

Hot Dog Sandwich

Worst idea I’ve had in quite some time…hot dog sandwich.

Here is how you make a retarded hot dog sandwich, in case you feel a need to wreck your guts, feed a prisoner, lose your job, etc.

1) Halve some h dogs.

2) Pan fry said h dogs.


3) Assemble sandwich.


I went for pickles and spicy brown mustard on my stupid sandwich. Feel free to dump whatever you have in the fridge on that sonofabitch…I don’t think it really matters.

Wrap-up: h dog sandwiches taste like fail.


Once again, I almost got a bag-o-crap on yesterday’s woot-off. Got to this point…

hip hop hurray....awwwwww

Entered my card security code….and nothing.

I hate woot.

Diamond iPad | Bling Fail.

And here I stand, thinking that Apple fanboiz were at the pinnacle of pretentiousness…turns out there is a far worse type of consumer:

pinky rang werth bout fiddy bling bling

I think there is a joke to be made about polishing a turd, but I don’t think this particular turd is polished. Maybe if they made it multitask or run Flash…however, this is what some dipshits at Mervis Diamond have done:

This gorgeous diamond studded iPad features 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity.

Price tag: $19,999.

Very limited quantities available. Orders will be available June 1..

Good luck with that. I’m holding out for an emerald-studded iPhone. Not. Like that? Bringing back the not.