Search Term Fun 7/13

I finally was able to log into our cpanel and check the traffic stats…from May, we had the following:

Four people searched for “penis hamburger”…and came here? Yessssss!


Note to little mullet-heads…it is spelled cAmaro. And it ain’t shit unless it has T-Tops and plenty of Zep tapes

Guitar Hero Hero

While checking out Wii titles at WalMart today, I stumbled across an older gentleman rocking out to Guitar Hero in the aisle. Funny enough. Our Guitar Hero hero finished his song (Styx?) and gave the game a “aww…come on” after receiving his ranking. At this point I assumed him to be blog-worthy and snapped a quick picture.
guitar hero
At this point, I realized that maybe a video would be better. I readied my Blackberry and headed back down the aisle…

Yep. In the short time it took me to get my phone ready the guitar hero had already picked up a groupie.