Debt Settlement Info

Greetings and good afternoon. I thought I would go ahead and give my reader base a little info regarding Debt Settlement.

brokos for the loss

Long story short, the bump provides you the info. Be debt free in 12-36 months. Get help with credit card debt via Debt Settlement. Avoid Bankruptcy, Call Now for Debt Relief 1-888-703-4948 BBB+ Member.

+1 Robot MS Paint effort

Super Robot

super robot
super robot is super

I left my Arduino at work. Poorly played. The next best thing, quite unfortunately, is to post another damned robot drawing. Green robots…there you go.

New Robot

Well, the Cubs suck…green robots don’t.

new robot


Awesome Robot

Could the green robot drawings be winding down?

Hell to tha no! Suckaz!

totes awesome
tot3s aw3som3

This guy, FTW!

Cross-bot is Full of Angst

Cross-bot was totally like, “grr–that sux I’m all angry” and I said, like “dude, whatever, ur a green robot-dude w/ some claws or whatevs”


just chillax cross-bot. chillax.