Nerd Bucket List

I guess I had better find a new bucket list entry…

ocarina of time 3D
ocarina of time 3D next?

I was so excited upon beating Ocarina of Time, I snapped a self portrait with the end-screen…

beating ocarina of time
zelda master

…and, I am in my 30s. Wow.

Now what? My nerd bucket list needs a new entry. Maybe I should finish my LED cube project. Maybe I should finish my command line Twitter work. Maybe I should take on Ocarina of Time 3D…

Probably not the last one…not pumped about the 3DS. Something great will ensue.

Ubuntu Natty Netbook Review

I have had Natty on my Mini 9 for a few days. It runs like a top.

natty narwhal on a dell mini 9 netbook

Solid state HD equates to a sub double digit boot time…be sure to configure compiz via:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

That is about it. Plus 1. I would rattle on about 11.04, but I already have a few posts back. Besides, I have bigger fish to fry. Namely, Gannon…

ocarina of time gannon
bring it, gannon

I’m in my 30s, and just now getting around to beating Ocarina of Time. Katie and Man-Dawg are watching the Bachelor (or Bachelorette; no effing idea) downstairs…here goes nothing

Wiitarded Concept

Lego Star Wars on Wii: Success
Lego Indiana Jones on Wii: Success
Lego Batman on Wii: Success
Lego Wiimote: Excuse me? Come again…


I’m confused as to why this product exists. That said, it does. That and that said, if you shell out $40, you can incorporate a working Wiimote into your Lego houses. For the loss.

Nintendo to Rock Your World in 3D

Unfortunately, said world from the title is the world in the palm of your hands. Long story short, the DS is going to drop some sweet glasses-free 3D on yall suckaz.

dot awesome
swan tron dot com slash AWESOME

But don’t take my word from it…
TFA from PCW:

Imagine picking up a Nintendo DS and playing games in 3D without the clunky, dork-tastic glasses. Nintendo says a handheld gaming device that’ll do just that will launch in Japan before the end of March 2011, and that it’ll reveal its so-called “Nintendo 3DS” to the world for the first time at E3 2010 this summer.

But wait–3D without the funky eyewear? How does that work? Like those tricky picture perception puzzles, where you have to “relax” your eyes to see the mathematically embedded 3D picture? Or like the laser heads-up-displays that project an imagine onto your retina? Or how about actual head jacks, like the metal prongs plunged through occipital bones in The Matrix?

Matrix reference in aught-10. Poorly played, PC World. They continue…

Speculation aside, let’s assume Nintendo’s got the 3D part down pat, and that it’ll be at least as persuasive as the technology in the video above. The real question’s this: Will gamers buy a so-called “Nintendo 3DS” on the merits of 3D alone?

Ask that question in a broader sense, “Is anyone really interested in 3D?” and the answer’s “No one knows.” The technology’s all hype and punditry to date, a public relations push by technology vendors eager to sell pricey versions of existing view-screen technology with a slight visual twist.

Whatever, naysayers. 3D is awesome, and since it is Nintendo, it will be incredibly playable, and it will sell very well. Without any doubt.

I’m looking forward to it.

Calling All XBoxers…

I’ve let it be known that I am a Wii dude. A Wii-tard, if you will. With my recent PS3 purchase, I have, for the first time, a real ‘live’ gaming unit. This has set me on a search, so to speak, for easy access to this world. I stumbled across these guys, offering xbox live 1 month code promotions on the cheap.

I chose a wood backdrop, and sure am glad that I did

Pretty slick site. In addition to the 1 month xbox live code mentioned above, they offer Wii card points, Playstation Network credits, and any sort of console access you could possibly want.

marbled..nice touch
I feel that the marble-ing adds an air of sophistication

I understand that not all gamers are going to be looking for xbox live 1 month offers, but the good folks at pcgamesupply have you covered with instant access to even the most non-console offerings…you guessed it, WoW and CoD Modern Warefare 2.

Hit one of those links to check them out…I know you have the time.


Our horribly inept mailman (same guy who crammed my RAM upgrade under our doormat) mistook Grand Ave for 3rd. Ave and dropped off a copy of a video game magazine in our mailbox. For what it is worth, it is no Nintendo Power. The only real amusing thing was the advertisements, especially the full-page job across from the contents page…

directed advertising?
directed advertising?

Seems sort of presumptuous on the advertisors behalf…