iPhone 4 The Loss

Five million Pounds…that is roughly eight million USD. If you happen to have that sort of loot sitting around, like diamonds, and have bought into the iPhone hype…this son of a gun is right up your alley.

bling bling

I’m struggling to come up with some sort of joke involving Dustin Diamond. Not coming together. Just think about Screetch being broke or something. Saved by the Bell was uber-syndicated…how the crap did Double D blow all of his money? Maybe he commissioned someone to diamond-up a Zach Morris phone back in the day. I bet that would cost well more than five million Pounds. Even with inflation taken into consideration.

Insurance Info Revisited

Maybe it is because I turned 30. Maybe it is because I am predisposed to worry. Gout and worrying? Thanks, folks. Good looking out on the genes.

I am sort of an insurance nut. Moreover, I am always trolling for deals…which puts me in a perpetual quest for both better and cheaper insurance. It is a never-ending cycle. I have (ducks jeers) had very very good luck with Geico. Not well enough to steer clear of the Insurance Information Institute website, but good luck anyhow. With two vehicles, a third on the way, health, and renter’s insurance in the fray, I need to cover my bases. Fortunately enough, Alpha Solutions Inc. is currently at an idle state per the fine State of Montana, or I would have business insurance health on my mind as well. Oh, my days with a shovel! How I miss you so! Let me count the ways…one. Getting a tan.

Got a little long winded there. Anyhow, I was checking for insurance rates for my gangster whip, the 96 Yukon. Remember this guy from back in the day?

ridin' dirty

Well, I still ride dirty in the Yukon. I’d like to ride cheap and dirty, so there I find myself doing things like this.

I stumbled upon NetQuote, and ran through the info gauntlet. Stumbling upon this guy…


Some high school? You better have some damned high school education before you get all keyboard happy and start firing your personal data into a form. Or alternatively, you should be provided with a pop-up ‘go back to damned school, idiot, then look for some damned insurance’ box. But again, I digress.

Well, long story shorter, I didn’t bite. I am paying too much for the Yukon’s insurance, but I am saving a ton with my currant renter’s/Katie’s ring insurance policy. You win some you lose some. At least I am still not horsing around with small business insurance. Always keep it positive.