The Gout, The Old Painting

Well, since I’m on day fucking six of my gout attack, I figure I should post a painting I came across during my allopurinol research. A mediocre painter named James Gillray made this sucker in 1799, and titled it “The Gout.”

The Gout. James Gillray. 1799

I feel for the guy, as he managed to get sort of spot-on with this thing. Fire out the nose…big teeth…ect. Too bad he sucks at painting.

Gout Files: 9/16

Kate and I went to all-you-can-eat-crab night at Looies last night…I’m 90% sure I overdid it. Not only from the standpoint of what is and is not socially acceptable to consume in a public setting, but more from the angle that I have gout, and this crap is horrible for my body.

delicous little bastards
delicous little bastards

So right now, my bloodstream is the site of a strange battle between ibuprofen and acids trying their best to crystalize. My toe is about 5000 degrees, but pain-free thus far. Godspeed, brave ibuprofen. Godspeed.