Android Hello World

Pushing code to the phone, FTW!

I managed to throw together a quick Hello World using the Android SDK, configure a FroYo emulator, and drop the code to my Droid 2. Not a bad little Saturday, really.

Screen shot from the emulator…


Webcam snap of code on phone…

oh hey
oh hey there

So it begins. Stay tuned for snippets.

Arduino Robot

I’m not there yet, but let’s chalk this one up as a step towards the end goal…which would be the title of this post. A Damned Arduino Robot!


Granted, this is basically just my hello world (hola mundo) program with the addition of a solderlss breadboard into the fray. But, it is awesome and, I am going to be the coolest dude on the block when I come rolling out with a bad-ass robot.

I had better get back to work.

Arduino Hello World

Hola Mundo!

arduino hello world
if it's on then it's muthafuckin on G

See that blue LED? Pretty hard to miss. That is essentially the Arduino version a ‘hello world’ program. In other words…I’m live, suckaz. For what it is worth, that is my Mini 9, on Linux, talking to that microprocessor…no easy task. No hard task either, because our nerd-ass community is awesome. So is the command prompt.

Open source ninja. For the EE win.