Oblig Red Bull Check-in

Thinkin’ of a master plan

nothin' but sweat inside my hand
nothin’ but sweat inside my hand

Timely song placement, Pandora…well played.

Thinkin’ thought. Profiled and ready to implement. I can see the finish line beyond a bunch of Dremel-ing and a bigger bunch of .cpp.

We’re close…stay tuned.

Filth and Foul

Oddly enough, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle sat down with my buddy Nick and wrote a good article about his new album. Check out the article here.

Good work Nickel.

Breaking K-Fed!!!

Somebody leaked Federline’s Super Bowl commercial two hours ago. Try to tell me that K-Fed does not have talent. Rollin’ VIP.

Deb Eve…this one is for you by the way…J-Fed?

yo who got it better than me
federline on the block rollin vip
sick whip thick rims fat rocks i got em
shinin like a superstar from top to bottom
you need a shuga daddy i’m your mack
and if you need a dolla holla cause i got a whole stack
what…rollin v.i.p what…rollin v.i.p…what…