Mid-Morning Snack Attack

Wheat Thins are boring, by design. What is a guy to do, when at work with a bunch of boring-ass W Thins?

Easy. Arrange the hell out of the stupid little things and hot snauce them up. Hot snauce the crap out of them.

red lobster

Here, I went for a crude lobster formation.

If you get a little crazy with said hot snauce, don’t worry. I spent the rest of my afternoon with a small red snauce stain on my yellow notepad. Either my co-workers failed to notice, or thought I was crazy and avoided a rambling culinary pep talk.

+1 Spicy

How To Make Boring Stuff Awesome

Tired of boring stuff? Make it awesome!

#1. Boring old bagel. Notice the cavern? Hmm…what would make this awesome?


#2…aw shit…Tabasco sauce in the house!


#3…boom! Awesome.


With an open mind and sense of adventure, you too can make boring stuff awesome. Good luck!

Breakfast Fail.

Things got a little out of hand this morning. I managed to hot-snauce the shit out of my “plate” while trying to hot-snauce the shit out of my tortilla chips.

Still delicious.

Weekly Drawing: Tony Chachere’s

Kate thinks this is my best hot snauce person drawing to date…

medium: blue sharpie on yellow notepad :: C. 2010 :: all rights reserved

…tough to argue that. Tony Chachere’s is no Cholula, for what it’s worth.

2009: A Breakfast Odyssey

great...more retarded pictures of crackers

Mankind’s quest for the perfect breakfast is the theme of “2009: A Breakfast Odyssey”, a process that unfolds along a space-time continuum. We “pepper-sauce” our primordial past, and we “Triscuit-the-shit-out-of” a cosmic future. The powers of intuition thus become the doors of perception, in our ongoing collective journey.

More Fine-ass Art for Kate

Subject: The Queen of Soul Food, Sylvia

good sauce, great pitch-woman
good sauce, great pitch-woman

Outcome: not-so-lady-like

Sylvia, c 2009, medium: sharpie/yellow notepad
Sylvia, c 2009, medium: sharpie/yellow notepad

Sylvia looks a lot like George Washington.

The Cholula Incident

After seeing some terrible craigslist entries over the past few months, I decided to do a little experiment. Observe:

So I assumed this would get flagged as a joke…not the case. Thus far, I have received the following emails:


and my absolute favorite…

Good looking out, Ryan.