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Best idea of the week…a robot to attend your meetings.

right there
Robot Weenie is Better than Humanoid Weenie


Fed up with attending endless meetings when you’d much rather be at home? Step forward the QB from Anybots – a robot who can go to the office for you.

Developed by Bob Christopher, the brainchild behind the Pleo dinosaurs, the cute looking robot is essentially a teleconferencing system on wheels.

The robot can alter its height from 3ft to 5.7ft and weighs 2.5st, with a main computer and several mini-computers on board. It has an LCD monitor mounted on its head which feeds a webcam image of the telecommuter.

It ‘sees’ via a 5MP video camera in one eye, and a lower resolution camera on the head that points downwards. It ‘hears’ via three microphones that feed audio to the telecommuter, and has high-quality speakers for audio in the other direction.

Alright, nicely played. This thing costs 15K, however. I’m pretty sure I could do the same damned thing with an HTC Incredible, broom, Arduino, and an electric wheelchair motor. I would need an area to put some tattoos and earbuds, however. And somehow mimic my general sense of ‘leave me alone before I effin snap’ to be fully effective/reflective of me in a meeting situation. And a strong odor of coffee…definitely need that.

HTC Evo First Look

Is there such a thing as ‘phone envy?’ There should be. I am pretty sure I have an extreme case…maybe I could be the subject of some sort of case study.
What has me this week? HTC Evo. Android 2.1 and a slick screen…need I say more?

4.3 inch screen
4.3 inch screen...two cameras...kickstand...FTW!

This sucker is hot. Long story short, this is the answer to the 4G iPhone and to the Nexus One. I think the Apple Fanboiz would have to admit that the Evo is superior to anything coming out with an ‘i’ appended to the front. Does the iPhone have a kickstand? Didn’t think so. The Evo does. Does the iPhone have two cameras? Evo does; an 8-megapixel and a 1.3 megapixle. Count ‘em and weep, fellas.

Since this phone is still under the radar, so to speak, so tracking down HTC Evo Accessories is definitely an online mission. Here is a link to HTC Evo Cases…what the heck…I’ll even throw you a bone with a HTC Evo Screen Protectorslink.

In the meantime, I’m going to be sitting here pouting that I still have a RIM phone. BlackBerries seem so 2007.

HTC Incredible Pics

Q: Guess who is pretty dang pumped that he or she didn’t drop some loot on a Drod Eros last week?

A: This guy. This guy right here. This guy, married to Verizon. This guy, handcuffed to Verizon Wireless, and thus, pumped to see a sick-as-shit Android phone drop. This non-Motorola-liking guy, right here.

HTC Incedible, in the house.

El HTC es Muy Incredible

Upon initial reviews, this sucker is making the other Android suckaz look like clunky piecez of shit. Things that make you go…hmm.

One month. Stay posted.


While I’ve been caught up dealing with the epic battle between the Moto Droid and the RIM Storm 2, there have been some slick phones dropping. FWIW, Motorola whupped the beans out of the Storm, whatever that means. Whatevs.

Here is one in particular. The HTC HD2.


This puppy is pretty much loaded. Like I’ll be after this paid post…

Really though, this is a sweet phone. 480×800 res screen at 4.3 inches…we’re talking Eros stats. HTC Accessories are where it is at, though. You can outfit this guy (which runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, for you Microsoft-eers) with all kinds of phone stuffs…hit that bump to find out more.

Long story short…I need to stay up on my phone current events. I’m still clinging to my seen-better-days BlackBerry Pearl. For the loss.