Great Scott!

I don’t think Batman says that…I’m thinking that Great Scott is more of a Doc from Back to the Future thing. Who cares? Not I…regardless, this is one sweet ‘do/display of horrible (or awesome) parenting

why not?
why not?

President Obaman

President Obama (note the lack of “n”) is speaking in Bozeman tonight. Craigslist is full of people looking to buy tickets, much like this fucking retard…

president obaman?
president obaman?


Note to little mullet-heads…it is spelled cAmaro. And it ain’t shit unless it has T-Tops and plenty of Zep tapes

Charles Shamamma, Artist

Charles enjoys three things: welding, breaking tools, and dinosaurs. Combine the three and you get this:

C-Rex. Appearing soon on creigslist. rrawr
Well done. I give you 4 emoticons 😀 😀 😀 😀

Guitar Hero Hero

While checking out Wii titles at WalMart today, I stumbled across an older gentleman rocking out to Guitar Hero in the aisle. Funny enough. Our Guitar Hero hero finished his song (Styx?) and gave the game a “aww…come on” after receiving his ranking. At this point I assumed him to be blog-worthy and snapped a quick picture.
guitar hero
At this point, I realized that maybe a video would be better. I readied my Blackberry and headed back down the aisle…

Yep. In the short time it took me to get my phone ready the guitar hero had already picked up a groupie.