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Time for my insurance rant of the week. Another rainy Saturday, another afternoon spent trolling for better insurance. This time: Life Insurance!

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I managed to find some pretty slick stuff at LifeInsuranceStar. Not only the normal Life Insurance Quotes, but they had a huge range of reviews and articles, ranking the Best Life Insurance Companies. Trust me, it is not easy to find this type of info in a concise format.

Check out Geico…ranks pretty high for life insurance.

A++ for the win

I spent some time checking out the Annuity information. The site itself is slick…made it easy to get wrapped up in my research.

Insurance Overload

Here’s to the weekend. It is too nasty to sit outside, my lawn is mowed, the rivers are all blown-out (fish aren’t biting) still, the Cubs aren’t on for another two hours, and the Croc-Pot is full already. It looks like it is time to do some more insurance research. Nice little Sunday, actually.

At work we have an opt-out for our health insurance plan. It was not worth opting out, per se, when I started there. Out of curiosity, I decided to troll around to see if health plans have gone up, down, stalemated, etc. Since I still have the old S-Corp (inactive, as far as the State of MT is concerned) I started looking into business insurance quotes to boot. Interesting stuff, I swear.

Let’s start with the health. When I was actively making loot as CEO/owner of Alpha Solutions Inc., I kept a Blue Cross / Blue Shield policy for my health insurance. Not much coverage, but not much cost per month. Win/Win AND Lose/Lose. Nice. If I were to do it again, I would most certainly combine my heath with my Montana business insurance (add your own state here…California business insurance, etc) for both savings and ease. I would probably increase my coverage from ‘detrimental’ to ‘actually get a sprained ankle looked at’ levels, as well.


Might help.

I did think this was pretty epic.

small man
small man / woman / humanoid

I’d say that if you are zero feet tall, then maybe you should not be looking for insurance. Or, you should be looking for a great deal of insurance. Might be time to look into a talk show career, and then into the California Department of Insurance upon arriving to Hollywood.

I wonder if a sub-one-foot-tall person could type with his/her tiny little fingers. Might be comical.

Insurance Info Revisited

Maybe it is because I turned 30. Maybe it is because I am predisposed to worry. Gout and worrying? Thanks, folks. Good looking out on the genes.

I am sort of an insurance nut. Moreover, I am always trolling for deals…which puts me in a perpetual quest for both better and cheaper insurance. It is a never-ending cycle. I have (ducks jeers) had very very good luck with Geico. Not well enough to steer clear of the Insurance Information Institute website, but good luck anyhow. With two vehicles, a third on the way, health, and renter’s insurance in the fray, I need to cover my bases. Fortunately enough, Alpha Solutions Inc. is currently at an idle state per the fine State of Montana, or I would have business insurance health on my mind as well. Oh, my days with a shovel! How I miss you so! Let me count the ways…one. Getting a tan.

Got a little long winded there. Anyhow, I was checking for insurance rates for my gangster whip, the 96 Yukon. Remember this guy from back in the day?

ridin' dirty

Well, I still ride dirty in the Yukon. I’d like to ride cheap and dirty, so there I find myself doing things like this.

I stumbled upon NetQuote, and ran through the info gauntlet. Stumbling upon this guy…


Some high school? You better have some damned high school education before you get all keyboard happy and start firing your personal data into a form. Or alternatively, you should be provided with a pop-up ‘go back to damned school, idiot, then look for some damned insurance’ box. But again, I digress.

Well, long story shorter, I didn’t bite. I am paying too much for the Yukon’s insurance, but I am saving a ton with my currant renter’s/Katie’s ring insurance policy. You win some you lose some. At least I am still not horsing around with small business insurance. Always keep it positive.


Insurance Musings

From time to time I will gripe about my job. Especially when the coffee maker is down for the third consecutive week. Sad Panda. Regardless, we have a tremendous benefits package, with profit share Group Health Insurance, 401K…we even have a gym in the basement. And yes, you know I’m all over the mirror curls.

When I was running my S-Corp, playing in the dirt putting in irrigation systems, I had to deal with health insurance the dirty way. I had the most minimal Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that money could buy. Or that ninety bucks a month could buy, more precisely. It was, in effect, a detrimental plan of sorts…I never had a claim, since I would pay 80% out of pocket. No dental; no vision. I basically could sleep well at night, knowing that I wouldn’t go bankrupt if I rolled a skid-steer and was seriously injured. Now that I’m set up with both health and Life Insurance, I have far less to worry about.

That said, jobs come and go. Situations change. One minute, you could be writing paid posts like this…the next you could be looking for work elsewhere. When that is the case, it becomes far more important to pay attention and do your homework regarding the all important Health Insurance Quote. It seems like everyone and their dog is peddling insurance these days, so diligence pays off in this realm. Pay attention, and get a plan that will cover yourself.

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