Stock Control System Info

< disclaimer > I am not clarivoyant < / disclaimer >
I’ll make a bold prediction. You are reading this post on a web-connected device!

Cunning, righf?

I will do you all a favor and cut to the point. We all have access to the internet, nearly always. Why not put that to use for difficult problems, in general? Like stock control. Pretend, if it helps, that the stock management software is the robotic overlord, and your staff constitutes the minions…

robot manager
-1 jacked up robot

The take away in my whole rambling post lies in a centralized control system for hard goods. A system such as OrderWise allows you to handle arguably the most fundamental business need, inventory, in a convenient digital manner. When you have the same system in place for inventory, order processing, web integration, etc., you will know what your snagging points are.

Manage your physical goods, intelligently. That just might be part of business 101. I would have zero idea…I studied math.

Anyhow, hit that link and take a look. Computers really pay for themselves in managed applications like inventory…I do know that much for a fact.