Awesome Gadget Blog

As a gadget guy, I am always searching for new tech stuff. Every once in a while, I stumble across a new Gadget Blog that is awe-inspiring. I recently found one that blew my mind, due to some of the inanely cool stuff they dig up.

Like this bad boy…

iphone calculator case
5 functions AND memory...awesome

That iPhone case almost makes me want to get rid of my Droid 2 and snag an iPhone 4. Almost… is where I found that. I have been checking the site out for a while, and they seem to post a handful of awesome entries a day. I have no idea how they keep coming up with this stuff, but it is great. I obviously need to hone my interweb skills, as I would have a hard time finding a few head-scratcher nerd items in a week, let alone in a day. This whole work thing is for the birds. I need more free time. Or, more time to check this site out; they seem to have it figured out.

In addition to the gadgets themselves, these guys do a great job tracking down coupon codes for sweet geeky savings. I ran across an Office Depot coupon that is sort of the catch-all for gadgetry. Office Depot is perhaps a step above gadgetry, since they purvey hardware. Hardwaretry? I am fairly certain that isn’t a word.

Take a look at this Vistaprint coupon for another example. Pretty slick…plus it beats checking out the sites of places you might buy from. Again, the whole time thing.

Anyhow, I am off to check the webs for a Droid old school calculator case. That is too cool.

iM tiRed of lazy tech journaliSm

Tech writers are the best. I most certainly don’t read the stuff that hits news aggregates because of informative banter and notable content, I read it for comic value.

Well… comic value and insight into human nature. Most notably: laziness

It seems to me that the easiest way to get published is to talk about a i* killer. Replace the wildcard with either “pod”

(expensive media player)


(expensive tablet)

or “phone”

(sort of like an Android, but worse, except for battery life, which doesn't matter)

…and write a half-assed article about a new product. Guaranteed Google, MSN, Yahoo, Drudge, or whoever else will have that bad boy on the front page.

Protip: Next time you are charged with the task of covering a new Samsung product’s press release, save some time and just go with “End of Apple???” and be done with it. The whole killer angle was spent several years ago…when we nerds were buying Sandisk players, loading Ubuntu on netbooks, and making wild guesses on forums what RIM was going to do with the next generation of BB phones. Oh….the good old days.

FWIW, I’ll put a Droid X up against all three of those products. For the price point, nothing can touch that machine…my Droid 2 included.

iPhone 4 The Loss

Five million Pounds…that is roughly eight million USD. If you happen to have that sort of loot sitting around, like diamonds, and have bought into the iPhone hype…this son of a gun is right up your alley.

bling bling

I’m struggling to come up with some sort of joke involving Dustin Diamond. Not coming together. Just think about Screetch being broke or something. Saved by the Bell was uber-syndicated…how the crap did Double D blow all of his money? Maybe he commissioned someone to diamond-up a Zach Morris phone back in the day. I bet that would cost well more than five million Pounds. Even with inflation taken into consideration.