Oh Nosos! 2009 AMA Mishap

While Jenny from the Block was busy falling down and looking like an idiot…


…I think Kelly Clarkson just ate American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert

Comments Welcome


“Kyle is far too lazy to update our fans with his goings on, and enjoys rss feeds of j-swizzle shirtless in skidsteers”

Breaking K-Fed!!!

Somebody leaked Federline’s Super Bowl commercial two hours ago. Try to tell me that K-Fed does not have talent. Rollin’ VIP.

Deb Eve…this one is for you by the way…J-Fed?

yo who got it better than me
federline on the block rollin vip
sick whip thick rims fat rocks i got em
shinin like a superstar from top to bottom
you need a shuga daddy i’m your mack
and if you need a dolla holla cause i got a whole stack
what…rollin v.i.p what…rollin v.i.p…what…


I think I am definitely bound to wind up on Cops.  Is that show still on?  Anyhow, for the second Sunday in a row I ended up getting pulled over while shirtless.  This week ended up better than last, resulting in a measly point-free speeding ticket.  I would take that over another trip downtown any day.  Or week.  Since I am mostly sure nobody checks bb anymore, Kyle included, here is a poorly rendered pic for my viewing pleasure.