Man Lamp

My light needs were not being met in the lab. Garage, lab, whatever. Anyhow, I picked up a halogen work light at the hardware store, thinking that the base dimensions and output would make for a perfect movable lab light source.

This thing is a monster. Check this out.

Reference voltage:

base voltage
less than 1 point 21 gigawatts

Reference tempurature

+1 tepid

Voltage with 40W light bulb:

better now

Voltage with Man-Lamp: (maxed out)


Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…TEMP NEAR MAN-LAMP

what the fuck is this thing

Incredible. I guess this could double as a goddamned heater. My digital thermo was still climbing at 145. FWIW, it is perfect for the lab. Just sort of confusing how brutish it is. Impressive.

Messy Lab is Messy

Demolition phase: complete

wait...what was I doing?

I feel like a space cadet…too many things in flight. Component central over here.

Why Winter is the Worst

A: Too cold for the Trail-90


Actually, number one might be “too cold for time in my ‘lab.'” I need to get a box heater cranking out there and get to work. My soldering iron is collecting dust, as are my C++ haxx0r sk1lz. Winter can blow me.

Laboratory Equipment

I think what I fondly refer to as my laboratory might not classify as a true lab, per se. I have some sweet stuff going for me in my garage workspace…but the lack of lab equipment might leave me with more of a nerd fortress, and less of a lab.

Here is a quick pic:

weak sauce

While most of my projects are electronic in nature, I still get down and dirty with some mechanical projects. Woodworking, too, and of course programming. I would for sure benefit from a laboratory apparatus or two, in order to establish some lab credibility.

Those above links are to Lab Planet…which I stumbled across while looking for some equipment. I was looking into a dry ice machine, which they have, and saw that they have scores of sweet equipment. Centrifuges, microscopes, furnaces…even mass spec stuff.

How sweet would my Arduino projects be with a touch of chemistry?