Nerdy Weekend

Disclaimer: I have two baseball games in which to play tomorrow. Play well, FWIW.

I am spending my night watching ‘Ask an Engineer.’ Getting my nerd on (well, FWIW.)

ask an engineer
+1 beer (at least)

Support Lady Ada / Adafruit via purchasing the type of stuff you see on…she is one of the good guys. Have a nice weekend…

Lady Ada Would Be Pissed

My source for the Arduino Motor Shield would not approve of my soldering iron. Not by any means…

lady ada

I still have the ‘made in china’ tag on this piece of shit. Poorly played.

In case any of my reader-base has taken an interest in microcontrollers, robotics, or awesome crap in general, Lady Ada has you covered. I recieved my motor shield in no time what-so-ever, and Limor’s prices smoke those of Amazon to boot. Don’t get me started about her tutorials…pretty bad ass.

I need to toss the pictured iron in the trash and get a real iron before I get after my motor shield project…I can say that the servos she shipped me are tits.

Arduino Motor Shield

I splurged on a motor shield from Lady Ada for my Arduino antics.

Here it is..

motor shields
shit, indeed

“Some Assembly Required” Sonofabitch. I guess my soldering skills are going to be put to the test. Stay tuned.