Wrigley Field /vs/ Cashman Field

Well, baseball season is in full swing. The Cubs have some high points and some low points, and are playing sub .500 ball at this point. Good starting pitching, shaky bullpen, sporadic hitting from the middle of the line-up. D-Lee and Rami are playing poorly, while Soto and this guy…

Alfonso Soriano aka Fonzie aka $oriano

…are absolutely tearing it up compared to ’09. Marlon Byrd and Carlos Silva have proven to be good additions to the team; Marmol is coming around. All in all, exciting year. Win/Loss record, considered.

Here is the issue. I live 700 miles from the closest Major League stadium. In fact, I am equally far away from the two closest, Coors Field and Safeco Park. As much as I would love to jump on StubHub and line up some tickets to Wrigley…it is not financially in the cards. Nay, it is not possible to get a week off work to slide over to Chicago, Denver, Seattle, et al. Stupid work.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. Remember that Vegas wedding Katie and I have coming up? That’s right…bring on some 51’s.

Last summer we hit a game at Cashman Field.

Cashman Field in sunny Las Vegas

See that orange line? That was the route to the beer garden. We were fortunate enough to hit dollar Bud night at the field. Muy bueno!

Anyhow, hopefully the wedding trip will find us at Cashman again. If you manage to find yourself in Vegas…I would highly recommend it. In fact, here here is a StubHub coupon code, for your ticket-getting pleasure.

Maybe work will settle down, the Cubs will get in the win column more often, and I’ll be able to make it out to Wrigley this fall. I’m not holding my breath, though, as I have been watching the Cubs crash and burn for 25 years now. I can always dream…I can always dream.