One-Armed Banditos

Let’s talk gambing, yes?

I may or may not be the worst gambler west of the Rio Grande. Or is that North of the Rio Grande? Both maybe. Quite likely both, due to my track record. Cards are not my bag, baby.


Odds are odds. I find myself thinking about math when I play, and that is that. You can pick one of the two to be good at…or rather one must suspend belief in one or the other when gambling. I guess I’m all math.

Good news for you gamblers, though. Times have changed…move over smokey, blue-hair filled, lounge singer, watered-down whiskey havin’ casinos. Your run at the top was impressive, but now the good casinos are online.

Think about it for a bit. If you can play the same games online as you can at a traditional casino, without keeping the lights on a big, bright, loud building, why wouldn’t you do so. It is all about the overhead. Better payouts online, since it takes far, far less to maintain something virtual. You don’t even have to go through the trouble of putting on pants…gamble in your boxer shorts. Easy easy chicken greasy.

Either way, you will not catch me plugging those machines any time soon. The one-armed bandit and I are foes. Three arms of unadulterated hatred for one another. He wins…he always does.