Awesome Droid Apps Redux

Guess what? I’m posting this via my Droid 2, since Verizon’s 3G is faster than my Bresnan high-speed. Maybe one of their sys admins knocked some servers offline…I bet it is really hard to get around those racks with GIGANTIC CLOWN SHOES. Fuck Bresnan…whatever.

Here is a pic of an angry bird:

soooo mad
kaw kaw so mad kaw kaw

I feel your pain, angry bird. I’m picking up what you are angrily putting down. Now to the point of the post. I’m bringin Droid Apps back. You Apple fanboiz don’t know how to act.

Back in the day, I posted a little gem about the Android apps that I deemed must haves. Well, as fate would have it, my title brought me a bit of traffic. SEO FTW. Here is another (hopefully) perfectly titled post, that is dually of value for my fellow Android users.

Here we go…my top 5 Droid apps as of right now.

1) ATK, again. Battery life is still a perpetual issue. Blast your junk processes, and blast them often.

2) Angry Birds. Those birds are angrier than I. Best game I have seen on this damn thing. Bar none.

Tie, 3/4) Nesoid/GameBoid. Emultating the crap out of NES and GBA games. I found a bunch of stuff I used to play when I was a youngster. +1 usage of younster.

5) WiimoteControl. You know what…this will assuredly jump to the number two spot, once I can chop up the code and figure out the motion control aspect. Perhaps number one…who needs a ton of battery life when you can map the crap out of motions and use that as your input scheme I bet ten minutes with that interface combo will sufficiently blow your mind.

Grab one of these phones, root it, and grab those ^ apps. Good times will ensue.

I Love Newegg, You Should Too

You know that part of your brain that makes you do stuff unconsciously, but slowly enough that you have to wonder if it was deliberate?

Case in point…

You are watching TV, and some botox-faced newscaster mentions something about a stolen wallet. Your find your hand checking the contours of your pockets, making sure that your wallet is still where it should be, by your junk. You feel yourself reaching for it, and try to take control from the brain stem…take charge…you got it. Nope. That was impulse, dog.

Well, I don’t rock a wallet in the traditional sense. I use a binder clip to keep my credit cards from migrating to the floor. I also have the same knee jerk reaction to computer part prices as most would have with the wallet example. Hear of a computer type product…look on Newegg.

Remember that HP touchscreen tablet I was pining about a few days ago… check this out:

newegg is nice
when did robot become a bro...nice?

That is 20 USD cheaper than I saw on HP’s website, and that is without a NewEgg promo code. Get a promo code and we make that twenty dollar savings from the HP site looks small. Small, like my wallet, which once again, is a binder clip.

Even writing about my binder clip makes me check my pocket for my binder clip. I feel for you wallet folk. Check out Newegg…it’ll work itself out. If you feel really bad, check out on the regular. The Newegg promo codes are just one of many that those guys toss out there.

FWIW, I want that HP even more. Gutted with Ubuntu Unity…that’s the stuff dreams are made of. Nerd dreams are dreams too…nerd dreams are dreams.

+1 Twin Terminal Sessions

I’d like to post the details of my latest one-on-one with my Arduino…but, I’m not going to.


Suffice to say, it was sweet. Anything (non work related) involving multiple command lines is plus one awesome.

Remote Desktop Musings

I am a fan of remote computer access. Huge fan, in fact. I use the crap out of it at work on our Windows XP boxes to access the Load and Performance boxes. I too fire upremote access software at home on my Linux machines…primarily to help D-Rock troubleshoot his Ubuntu set-up. Both scenarios have proven to be quite important, and almost a necessity any more.

+1 Full House

Whereas my scenarios are quite secure and specific, there exists a need for more secure, wide ranging remote access solutions. How about some 256-bit encryption? Like industry leading [link removed]

With a secure system like that, you can troubleshoot other people’s computers remotely, with confidence for both the client and operator. Same is true for work collaboration. The flow of ideas is far easier to channel via a remote connection, be it a single user driving the discussion, or even with multiple users rolling simultaneously. Another use is a little less conventional. You can utilize the remote desktop set-up to act as a file share system. Multiple users, remotely rolling files in and out of a ‘server’ machine remotely via the interwebs. Not too bad of an idea at all, if you ask me.

Hit one of those links to read more. I’m going to attempt to remotely access Katie’s notebook, through a remote connection from my netbook, from a remote connection to my notebook.

+1 bonus degree of separation

Maverick Meerkat

Hot on the heels of Lucid LTS, Shuttleworth has just announced the next Ubuntu drop will be 10.10, Maverick Meerkat.

See what I did there...aviators? Like Maverick from Top Gun? Ha!

Check Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog for the press release-ish details. Long story short, more emphasis on the netbook and the cloud…quicker boots, etc. Should be good times.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

New Ubuntu is the best Ubuntu. You know what that means…Lucid Lynx is stable, and currently running on my primary machine.

lucid lynx
a bit too cluttered to be truly lucid

So far so good. Visually, Lynx is a bit more polished than Koala. Boot time was quicker…drivers working, etc. Even my Arduino front end fired up from the terminal…we are good in the hood. LTS…pretty damned stable for a beta, per se.

Stay tuned…I still have Karmic on my old Dell, so perhaps I will fire them up side-by-side and write a review. Perhaps.

Tax Time 2010

There has been said to be two assured things in life: death and taxes. I prefer to file my taxes with a cool beer. I challenge anybody to be more American than this…e-filing with a pounder of Budweiser…

tax time is the best time
Windows FTL

Unfortunately, Turbo Tax does not cater to Linux users. Good thing I’m still clinging to the dual boot, as I had to fire up Vista to tackle this chore. Maybe next year will be the year of the Linux tax prep…

Microsoft Hohm FTW!

I’d absolutely love to spend my time with all of my nerd accessories fired up and the thermostat cranked up to 80 degrees. Unfortunately, if I had both TVs, all 4 notebooks, the PS3 and Wii fired up, the power meter would move faster than Blanch from the Golden Girls. Oh snaps! Energy saving in our house is a tricky beast, not so much from the obvious (use less energy) reasons as in physical reasons…plain and simple, the sucker is old as dirt. Like Sophia from the Golden Girls. Now I’m reaching a bit…

Enter Microsoft Hohm. When presented with an opportunity to rattle on about something for a small sum of money, I only accept said opportunity if I can rattle on with some sort of insight into the topic. This one definitely strikes close to home. I’d much rather spend my well-earned money on things I enjoy, like gadgets and vacations. Last fall, Kate and I managed to seal our leaky windows with plastic wrap in order to drive down our heating bill…I’m guessing we saved well over the price of a funny blended drink in Vegas per day during the cold months. As far as home energy in general…we have been taking steps to unplug unused (sad panda) powered items. Not much, maybe, but something.

Anyhow, I logged onto Microsoft Hohm’s website and fired up an account, which was free. You do need a MS email account, and my old Hotmail guy worked just fine. You are prompted for basic info about your abode…pretty straight forward. The cool (and somewhat embarrassing in the case of our place) thing is seeing how you stack up against the averages in your area. Check out how we rank against the Bozo crowd:

Average schmaverage...wait for it

And more specifically

d-d-d-d-deal breaker

Ouch. Looks like it is back to the drawing board. The good thing about Hohm’s site is that they drill you with recommendations after they analyze your scenario…

screen shot 3
at least we have options, it seems

So they good news is they have a grip of solutions to drive down your costs, from changing settings on your home appliances to blowing in additional insulation into your attic. Pretty slick stuff

They also have tips for nerds, like changing your machine to enter sleep mode. Maybe on Vista, Microsoft. Maybe on Vista. I’ll be wrapping my water heater with a jacket well before I’ll horse around with my Linux desktop settings.

Hit one of the above bumps and check it out for yourselves…it is definitely an eye-opener.

Worlds Colliding: Considering Mini 9 Hackintosh

It almost seems like a crime to own the most hackintosh-able netbook w/o hackintoshing the sumbitch. Ideal chipset…ideal ease of solid state HD and RAM upgrade. The only downside is my Linux fanboi-izm…and affinity to The Gimp. Ubuntu FTW.

Still a Gimp dude

I’m uber-serios-ly considering making the bump. I really hate iTunes and anything else with a small i preceding a word, but think that iPhone/iTouch app dev might be worth the hassle. More to come…I have some contemplation to contemplate.

2010 Tech Wishlist…the ‘what if’ edition

So, I didn’t win the Montana Millionaire grand prize, $100,000 prize, $10,000 prize, or even the consolation slap-in-the-face-fifty-dollar-instant-win prize. Really had my hopes up for that guy. Turns out, I’m still spending 45 hours a week in my cubical, with my dual monitors and hot sauce. I switched from my plastic coffee cup to a glass one (pickle jar) which is nice. Aside from that…it is business as usual.

Needless to say, ample day-dreaming time in conjunction with a crack at a cool million got me thinking…what the hell would I actually blow some loot on, if it was there. That has led me to this…pondering getting an emergency loan and doing some awesome stuff with it. Buckle up, because this list is all over the fricking place.

1 ) Trade the Viseo LCD in on a Samsung LED. Embrace the future! LEDs look great and are energy efficient…for the hippies.

LED is the new LCD, which was the new Plasma

2 ) Check out Japan. Sea food and robots…PEWPEWPEW. Tokyo has a giant Gundam statue, for christ-sake.

I think I'd do well in Japan

3 ) Get my ass back into robotics. My last project (solar following flower) did not succeed. Boo. I think I could do better with…

4 ) Arduino…

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Plus, it is Linux compatable, and you can do sweet stuff like this…DIY GameBoy

Tetris on an analog stick...

5 ) Destination wedding…and
6 ) Honeymoon: Bahamas with Kate. Since the engagement ring wiped out the ol’ savings account, I loan would make for a nice honeymoon.

fruity drinks
sun+fruity drinks = awesome

7 ) Truckload of Advil. Those fruity drinks ^ give me headaches. Pretty sure I’d need a truckload.

8 ) 5+3. I have a problem. I pretty much cannot see a Netbook without wanting to buy it. Same goes for bad-ass notebooks, like the Alienware M17x. So sweet…especially once you wipe the sucker clean and install Linux. FTW!

gaming laptop
alienware...more like robotware

9 ) Trip to Mesa…might be the last Cubs Spring Ball in Arizona. Spring ball is third, only to fall/summer ball…which leads me to…

10 ) Trip to Wrigley. Especially during October.

Old Style, cheap.

I also would need a truckload of Advil after Wrigley…they practically give away those Old Styles.