Video Calls per Chinese Person

One of the running jokes on the boards is an oldie but a goody. Apparently, nerds like to poke fun of mainstream media’s tendency to dumb-up storage sizes into terms of “Libraries of Congress.” Well, I’m taking a stab at a unit of my own…Video Calls per Chinese Person

From the original on /.

“”Today Cisco Systems introduced its next-generation Internet core router, the CRS-3, with about three times the capacity of its current platform. ‘The Internet will scale faster than any of us anticipate,’ Cisco’s John Chambers said while announcing the product. At full scale, the CRS-3 has a capacity of 322Tbit/sec., roughly three times that of the CRS-1, introduced in 2004. It also has more than 12 times the capacity of its nearest competitor, Chambers said. The CRS-3 will help the Internet evolve from a messaging to an entertainment and media platform, with video emerging as the ‘killer app,’ Chambers said. Using a CRS-3, every person in China, which has a population just over 1.3 billion, could participate in a video phone call at the same time. (Or you could pump nearly one Library of Congress per second through the device, or give everyone in San Fransisco a 1Gbps internet connection.) AT&T said it has been using the CRS-3 to test 100Gbit/sec. data links in tests on a commercial fiber route in Florida and Louisiana.”

Which spawned this wise-crack…


To which I countered…


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