Awesome T-Shirt Time!

My little sister is pretty funny.

Long story short, I bought a suit for my upcoming wedding. Elizabeth’s response was “You bought a black suit? Wow. You never have to shop for clothes again.”

You know what? She is pretty much right. I replied “Yep…that about does it. I guess I can pick up some Levis and wifeys every now and then, and that is that.” Awesome.

Aside from that, I have an urge to grab a custom tshirt every now and then. Like my “I’m Hungary for Turkey” tee…classy. Out of curiosity, I ended up trolling around to see if there were any good Lost shirts on the webs. It turns out I need to check out stuff of this nature more often. There are all sorts of amazing products that I have been oblivious to.

There is a whole world of Eclipse merchandise that I found. Check this guy…

I beg to differ

Bold claim. I’m not sure that is 100% accurate.

I saw this while browsing some FIFA t-shirts

no hands
no hands? what?

Always a sucker for math-based humor, I thought that was pretty clever.

On to the Lost stuff, the original focus of my search. I guess I’m a little nostalgic, but remember the countdown clock from season two? How much more awesome were the early days of the series than the last two seasons? Good times. Check this out:

4-8-15-16-23-42, yo

This was also available in t-shirt form, but I though the detail on the plaque was better. And for the record, Desmondo’s failure to enter the code was an epic fail.

I might have to get that shirt in the mail. Or the Twilight shirt…imagine walking into a biker bar with that bad boy on. And then ordering a whisky, neat. Or a Mike’s Hard Lime.

Lost recap: the lighthouse

Keeping this one short… Without Sawyer and Locke, this episode was far from compelling. I’ll tear through the theory tomorrow and throw up a post.

How goddamn weird looking was Jack’s son? I’m sort of creeped out… Looked like the d bag kid from The 6th Sense with pink lipstick on.

crass. horrible color scheme. C-

Lost Countdown: Episode 2

Here we go…

Locke, Chahhhlie, Hugo, and Joe

I re-watched the last half (non Kate B.S. portion) of episode 2 today on the elliptical…here go the musings.

~ The date on Claire’s Ethan produced ultrasound is a month or so past the original crash date. WTF, yo? No ideas here.
~ The Temple Others leader (Dogan?) has a baseball on his desk…brings to mind the whole Red Sox win The Series interplay between Jack and Ben. I suspect this to be big, since it was telegraphed.
~ Sawyer seemed genuinely sullen…jumped a peg in my favourite Lostie book.#1, FWIW
~ Claire = new Russoau? I butchered that spelling likely, but I don’t care to look it up. Fuck you.
~ The “infection” mentioned. I’m guessing that Christian, Faux Locke, Eko’s brother, and even Claire are all dead, and ‘infected’ per se. These are the people Russoau (suck it) was battling and cautious about…pretty obscure, but this is my take.
and finally
~ The time lines will merge. The LAX dudes (2004) seem to intuitively know stuff that only the real time (be it 2007, via 2004>>1977>>1945>>2007 or directly from 2007) dudes know…I’m saying that Juliette’s bomb somehow did this, and will explain why this is such. She was babbling about coffee with Sawyer when she was on her death bed, and said via Miles that it worked…just wait for it.

Regardless, things are going to have to be very fast paced to wrap up in < 10 hours...should be very interesing

Lost… Final Season Roundup: Episode 1…Round 2

I’ve had time to digest E1. As much time as it takes to decipher nonsense, but time none-the-less

crass. horrible color scheme. C-

Musings / Observations:

~ No sign of my favourite Tail-y and Lost-y in general, Mr. Eko. Mista Eko
~ Likewise, no sign of Michael, Walt (WAAAAALT!), Ana Lucia, Libby, and Shannon
~ Less vodka? In the pilot, Jack scored two extra mini-bottles of vodka…Cindy doles out only one in the reset
~ Same scene as ^, Rose is comforting Jack…role reversal
~ Charlie wants to die, whereas Hugo claims to be lucky as hell
~ Locke is still wheelchair bound, yet still claims to have gone on his walk-about…how the hell did he have time for it, and still catch Oceanic 815?
~ First hour (recap) drilled straight into the 2nd hour’s last-season-of-lost-answer-some-crap rapid pace
~ Smokie = Man in Black…no more wondering about that
~ Ben gets punk’d…tries to be slick after wiping out Jacob, until getting pwned and shpwn dead Locke
~ Hugo being decisive after seeing Jacob was intense, and anti-Jack
~ LeFleur is going to tear shit up…took out 4 Udders before they got him sacked and to the Temple
and most importantly…
~ My main man Sayid is ‘New Jacob’. Write that down…I called it. Miles was stunned and Jack failed. It is going to be awesome.

Pretty excited at the pace and feel of the final season. The reset will play itself out. There will be a few long ‘why Kate did what she did…Sawyer being good’ episodes, granted, but it should be a quick 30+ hours.