MMM ’08 2


Weekend wrap-up time…the A-Team

Big D with the cop-ish-goatee
Big D

Photoshopped view of Pervy Ken
Ken the Perv

Gross, Ken. Still to come: Picture of Chaser’s eighth grade stache, A-ram with his St. Pat’s red stache, and a post-South America Griff stache. Maybe a cameo from Zig??? Stay tuned.

MMM ’08

March Mustache Madness is right around the corner…

The rules of MMM remain unchanged from last year:
1) Shave in the mustache of your choice on March 1st
2) Keep said mustache for as long as possible
3) Tease Bob for resembling Larry Bird

***Note to Grant Eve: 2008 is a leap year…you have an extra day in February to grow out all eleven of your facial hairs***