Upside of My Coffee Intake

I have always felt a touch of guilt in regards to the amount of coffee I throw down the colloquial hatch on a daily basis. I drink the stuff out of a pickle jar…I kid you not:

coffee vs cancer
baseball used for size reference

It cools quicker. Bonus.

My guilt was nuked from orbit today. I saw on /. this morning that the Oxford Journals published some National Cancer Institute findings, linking extreme coffee intake with a decreased chance of getting prostate cancer.

The non-science-y results are as follow:

Conclusions: We observed a strong inverse association between coffee consumption and risk of lethal prostate cancer. The association appears to be related to non-caffeine components of coffee.

Granted, they used caffeine-free coffee for their test…so that may offset some of my apparent benefits. I am still counting this as a huge win. Especially since this was all about the prostrate…I’ll tip a cup to that. Or a jar.

New Prozac Lawsuit

It seems like the interwebs is full of info regarding a prozac lawsuit of some sort. If you don’t believe me, let Google auto-complete “Prozac Lawsu..” and see for yourself…sites are popping up like whack-a-mole moles. Spoiler: they pop up incessantly.

Pause for Prozac-bot:

prozacic brobot
it is all fuzzy

So, what’s up with that? Birth defects. That is what is up with that. There has been a recall of certain antidepressants and anti-seizure drugs, of which Prozac has been included. Joking aside, some of these things, when taken by women during pregnancy may cause increased risks of serious congenital birth defects, heart defects, spina bifida, club feet, and even cleft palates. Scary stuff.

If you fit the bill, hit that link at the top of this post. Good luck.