Ubuntu Natty Netbook Review

I have had Natty on my Mini 9 for a few days. It runs like a top.

natty narwhal on a dell mini 9 netbook

Solid state HD equates to a sub double digit boot time…be sure to configure compiz via:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

That is about it. Plus 1. I would rattle on about 11.04, but I already have a few posts back. Besides, I have bigger fish to fry. Namely, Gannon…

ocarina of time gannon
bring it, gannon

I’m in my 30s, and just now getting around to beating Ocarina of Time. Katie and Man-Dawg are watching the Bachelor (or Bachelorette; no effing idea) downstairs…here goes nothing

Ubuntu Natty Netbook

As my primary notebook has proven that can run several terminals, a Firefox tab or four, Eclipse, and the Arduino IDE simultaneously without shitting the bed, it is time for my netbook to follow suit.

Q: What suit?
A: The Ubuntu 11.04 suit…you know, Natty Narwhal?
Q: I don’t know cards. This is cards, with the suit thing, right?
A: Busted. No idea…very unsure of the spelling of ‘suit’ too FWIW

ubuntu natty
natty nar

Tune in tomorrow to see how it all ends up. Wear a suit.

Worlds Colliding: Considering Mini 9 Hackintosh

It almost seems like a crime to own the most hackintosh-able netbook w/o hackintoshing the sumbitch. Ideal chipset…ideal ease of solid state HD and RAM upgrade. The only downside is my Linux fanboi-izm…and affinity to The Gimp. Ubuntu FTW.

Still a Gimp dude

I’m uber-serios-ly considering making the bump. I really hate iTunes and anything else with a small i preceding a word, but think that iPhone/iTouch app dev might be worth the hassle. More to come…I have some contemplation to contemplate.