Do you enjoy saving money? Sure. We all do.

When was the last time you heard that name…Sally Struthers. Wow.

The message holds true, though. We do all enjoy saving money. Well, the internet has made comparison shopping easier than ever before…and has made internet-based savings easier than even that.

got my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Let’s take a look at one timely scenario. As I posted a while ago, Sweet Lou Pinella is retiring as the Cubs manager at the end of the 2010 baseball season. There is no doubt that he will move back to his hometown of Tampa Bay, where he managed before taking the position with the Cubs. What will Lou do, specifically?

Step one: locate local moving services. can do that. No sweat. In fact, Billy can help Lou out even further. How, you ask? Boom. Tampa moving companies are there too, spelled out in a more specific nature.

I’m sad to see Lou go, but glad that he can save some money on his move. It would be pretty unfortunate to see the old guy moving his own stuff, and I’m sure he will be able to track down a veritable company via

Fast Cash

broke as a joke
Monopol-bot is broke
Broke as a joke?
If you need some cash in a pinch, you have several options:

~ Hit a payday advance joint (and get nailed w/ a generous fee)
~ Write a bad check (overdraft fee != good)
~ Cash advance the ol’ credit card (and pay a ridiculous finance rate)
~ Knock off a convenience store (insert your own soap-on-a-rope joke here)

Or alternatively, you could hit, and get some loot the easy way….the easy and confidential way.

MyCashGo is pretty sweet. Everything is directly spelled out…no hidden fees, no need of perfect credit, no direct deposit…basically, they get you cash in a hurry. Plain and simple. Hit the above link to test it out…they give instant approval, so you could be up and rolling in no time. FWIW, they have 50% off for new customers, so you got that going, too. Which is nice.

***Of course, you could write paid blog posts (like this) for some loot. Trust me, it is far less lucrative than it seems 🙁

***Also of note, MyCashGo doesn’t require any faxing of info. I propose all fax machine use be discontinued, in general. So 1992. 🙁

2010 Tech Wishlist…the ‘what if’ edition

So, I didn’t win the Montana Millionaire grand prize, $100,000 prize, $10,000 prize, or even the consolation slap-in-the-face-fifty-dollar-instant-win prize. Really had my hopes up for that guy. Turns out, I’m still spending 45 hours a week in my cubical, with my dual monitors and hot sauce. I switched from my plastic coffee cup to a glass one (pickle jar) which is nice. Aside from that…it is business as usual.

Needless to say, ample day-dreaming time in conjunction with a crack at a cool million got me thinking…what the hell would I actually blow some loot on, if it was there. That has led me to this…pondering getting an emergency loan and doing some awesome stuff with it. Buckle up, because this list is all over the fricking place.

1 ) Trade the Viseo LCD in on a Samsung LED. Embrace the future! LEDs look great and are energy efficient…for the hippies.

LED is the new LCD, which was the new Plasma

2 ) Check out Japan. Sea food and robots…PEWPEWPEW. Tokyo has a giant Gundam statue, for christ-sake.

I think I'd do well in Japan

3 ) Get my ass back into robotics. My last project (solar following flower) did not succeed. Boo. I think I could do better with…

4 ) Arduino…

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Plus, it is Linux compatable, and you can do sweet stuff like this…DIY GameBoy

Tetris on an analog stick...

5 ) Destination wedding…and
6 ) Honeymoon: Bahamas with Kate. Since the engagement ring wiped out the ol’ savings account, I loan would make for a nice honeymoon.

fruity drinks
sun+fruity drinks = awesome

7 ) Truckload of Advil. Those fruity drinks ^ give me headaches. Pretty sure I’d need a truckload.

8 ) 5+3. I have a problem. I pretty much cannot see a Netbook without wanting to buy it. Same goes for bad-ass notebooks, like the Alienware M17x. So sweet…especially once you wipe the sucker clean and install Linux. FTW!

gaming laptop
alienware...more like robotware

9 ) Trip to Mesa…might be the last Cubs Spring Ball in Arizona. Spring ball is third, only to fall/summer ball…which leads me to…

10 ) Trip to Wrigley. Especially during October.

Old Style, cheap.

I also would need a truckload of Advil after Wrigley…they practically give away those Old Styles.