True American

Ford, Montana, Stars, Stripes, Bald Eagle.

there's a lady who stands in a harbor for what we call free
these colors don’t run

Bunch of guns. Just missing a PBR and one of the Hank Williams in the background.

Expensive Tree

Our offer for this giant tree was accepted.

expensive tree

Pending an inspection and some title work, this tree should belong to us on the 14th of July.

Important Work Items

You have to fuel the machine…

+1 Tasty

I guess if this particular software developing machine starts to run on E, it can make a make-shift sandwich out of crackers, peanut butter, Doritos, and EZ Cheese. Maybe smash some jalapeno Cheetos in that sucker…

Montana Muffin

Nice late summer day…

some pretty little muffin mountains

Playing cowboy w/ D Rock…

4 wheeler trick
hey this

Trick time…

fuck you...gotta go

(-1 off topic)
(-1 spelled “muffin” “m-u-f-l-i-n”)
(+1 muflin sounds sort of funny)
(-1 total score FTL)

Glasgow Montana Tornado Formation

Weird weather week continues…mi madre just snapped these from my parents’ front porch in Glasgow, Montana.

glasgow mt
montana tornado
mt twister

Weather Underground has this thing at 65 MPH and 13,000 feet. Five miles out. I sure hope I don’t have any follow up pics.

Billings Tornado Picture

Here is the first pic I have seen come in of the soon-to-be-infamous Metra Twister.

tornado shot from the Heights

Shot from the Heights by none other than Hat Shop Tony. Hopefully someone posts some image of the Metra getting nailed.

Billings Metra Tornado

Breaking story…The Billings Metra is roofless.

oh nos

I imagine it went something like that. How it spun down from the Heights and still had that much power may be interesting to see. More to come.


Kate and I went to Billngs last weekend to grab the wedding dress. The Olive Garden was, in fact, breath-taking…after we were able to eat. As it happened, my sister, cousin Keri, Katie, and I attempted to drink all of the beers in Billings. As it also turns out, Billings has a large population. Billings also has a lot of beer to quench that collective thirst. For the loss.

Anyhow, early-ish-ish in the night…we found out about these three elegant gentlemen:

here's to you, jeff
3-Pac Shakur

Uncle Jeff’s favourite urinals in the world. Mine too, now. We Swansons have great taste.