Nerdy Weekend

Disclaimer: I have two baseball games in which to play tomorrow. Play well, FWIW.

I am spending my night watching ‘Ask an Engineer.’ Getting my nerd on (well, FWIW.)

ask an engineer
+1 beer (at least)

Support Lady Ada / Adafruit via purchasing the type of stuff you see on…she is one of the good guys. Have a nice weekend…

unixkcd easter eggs

I had a creeping suspicion that the best xkcd of all time might be integrated into unixkcd…turns out I was on to something

sudo FTW!

This made my day. Especially, since /. is utter garbage with all of the “funny” stories…pretty retarded.
***Note: sudo rm -rf * does nothing…I tried.***

Oblig unixkcd

Every nerd’s favourite webcomic was extra nerdy today, April Fool’s Day…

randall get out of my head
randall get out of my head

(hit the pix link for full-sized)

I need to view the source and figure out how Randall managed to emulate a fricking terminal on xkcd, but mad props nonetheless.

***bonus points for the lame “top command” joke***