Network Admin Fail

I haven’t had much to publish as of late. Not for lack of trying; I have been quiet because of a damned roadblock. I figured I could smash my way through a few MAC/IP settings, and have my Ethernet Shield doing all sorts of cool stuff with my Arduino. I was sorely mistaken.

This afternoon, I took another stab at the thing. Even after attempting to put together a cross-over setup…I still cannot telnet to my goddamned card. I don’t know how many arp and ifconfig commands I have sent, but it has to be in the triple digits. To no avail.

Looks like it is back to network 101 for this guy. Son of a bitch. We’re going manual. On the bright side, I worked inside today…

+1 counter-height table

Bonus Pledge, courtesy of Katie.

For what it is worth, I found a few commands that don’t seem to work on the command line…

arp -a
command not found

I think I will pack this thing to work and tackle it on my lunch breaks. Enough is enough.