New Egg: A Tribute to Angry Birds

In the spirit of the season, I’d feeling merry. Promo code merry. I hope your season is filled with awesome technology, and I hope you take a tip out of my tech tip-book and use a NewEgg promo code for maximum FTW.

I have a sickness. I can’t get Angry Birds out of my head. Even trying to plug NewEgg, I’m thinking about the egg-shooting Angry Bird…

should be white
best. font. ever.

I used my artistic license to color that bird. Only an amateur would think that a blue Angry Bird would drop exploding eggs. Of course, the white Angry Bird is the egg dropper, and the blue Angry Bird is the shotgun-spray, ice attacker. Good stuff.

What can I say about NewEgg that won’t be common knowledge? Promo codes. is my first stop before I hit NewEgg… right now, they have a code up that saves between ten and fifty percent. Not too bad, for thirty seconds of work. They usually have a variety of codes up…pretty awesome.

I’m still looking into TVs, hard. I have it hammered down to between 42 and 55 inches, and am leaning towards a 46 or 47…like this guy from NewEgg

perfect bedroom tv
Perfect Bedroom TV

$700 for a Samsung 46″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV…even the low end of that promo code range puts you in that tele for $630…probably under $600. Makes it hard to pass up.

Anyhow, take a look. Tablet PCs, memory, you name it. NewEgg /…do it. I’ll be playing Angry Birds, FWIW.

I Love Newegg, You Should Too

You know that part of your brain that makes you do stuff unconsciously, but slowly enough that you have to wonder if it was deliberate?

Case in point…

You are watching TV, and some botox-faced newscaster mentions something about a stolen wallet. Your find your hand checking the contours of your pockets, making sure that your wallet is still where it should be, by your junk. You feel yourself reaching for it, and try to take control from the brain stem…take charge…you got it. Nope. That was impulse, dog.

Well, I don’t rock a wallet in the traditional sense. I use a binder clip to keep my credit cards from migrating to the floor. I also have the same knee jerk reaction to computer part prices as most would have with the wallet example. Hear of a computer type product…look on Newegg.

Remember that HP touchscreen tablet I was pining about a few days ago… check this out:

newegg is nice
when did robot become a bro...nice?

That is 20 USD cheaper than I saw on HP’s website, and that is without a NewEgg promo code. Get a promo code and we make that twenty dollar savings from the HP site looks small. Small, like my wallet, which once again, is a binder clip.

Even writing about my binder clip makes me check my pocket for my binder clip. I feel for you wallet folk. Check out Newegg…it’ll work itself out. If you feel really bad, check out on the regular. The Newegg promo codes are just one of many that those guys toss out there.

FWIW, I want that HP even more. Gutted with Ubuntu Unity…that’s the stuff dreams are made of. Nerd dreams are dreams too…nerd dreams are dreams.