Lunch in the Cubicle

Still dining finely on fancy lunches in the cubicle. This week’s installment…three gourmet burgers.

nom nom nom burgers nom
nom nom nom

I find three to be the ideal number of main entree items at the office.
Unit 1, consumed at 10:00 AM, acts to lessen the coffee shakes.
Unit 2, consumed around noon, acts to kill the smells of coworkers’ lunches
Unit 3, consumed at 2:00 PM, pretty much just food show-boating at this point

+1 food show-boating

Fancy Lunch

Most of the programmers around me subside wholly on Mountain Dew and Cup ‘o Noodle. Time to class-up this joint.

fancy lunch

Skewers should do the trick. +1 fancy.

Cool Ranch

So there I am, eating Cool Ranch Doritos at work…


…noticing there is a correlation between “blue-ness” and “delicious-ness” Wait, blue is a color and a flavor?

enhance. enhance. enhance

Yep. That blue stuff is awesome. Imagine how amazing this would taste:

oh cool

I bet it would destroy your taste buds. Like looking at a laser…do not recommend.

Important Work Items

You have to fuel the machine…

+1 Tasty

I guess if this particular software developing machine starts to run on E, it can make a make-shift sandwich out of crackers, peanut butter, Doritos, and EZ Cheese. Maybe smash some jalapeno Cheetos in that sucker…

Practical Application of Good Manners

Should a styrofoam container implore that I do something, you had better believe that I’m typically going to be less than receptive. However, when I ran across a styrofoam container kindly urging me to have a nice day, I was humbled by its good-hearted nature.


Leaving a kind note in reply is good etiquette.

Homemade Croutons

Q) Why is my tech blog so food-centric?
A) I don’t know.

Here is my recipe for homemade croutons.


Dump a bunch of generic-equivalent Cheetos in your soup. There you go.

FWIW, I have a few things in the works for the Arduino. One involves an air-soft gun…be patient.