I Think I Need Glasses

Really, I need to get some glasses. I’ve been putting it off for a long time…left eye is good, but the right eye is pretty much garbage. Insurance policy comes due in January…going to put it off for another two months. Then, time to get out and grab some sweet spectacles.

Where do you suppose a tech blogger would go to purchase spectacles? I bet a tech blogger would buy glasses online. I wouldn’t know. I spend more time talking about food than technology. But, I can tell you with some certainty I will be buying my glasses online. More precisely, I will buy them at Zenni Optical.

Zenni has revamped their site…looks slick. The glasses were $8.00 per pair…now they are down to flipping $6.95. You could seriously pick up a baker’s dozen of these for less than the price of frames from the stinking mall. Check this out:


The webmaster at Zenni managed to stick that feature on his site. You can select a person’s face, and superimpose any of the glasses from the site onto the top of the image. Looking for some aggressive prescription wrap-arounds? Zenni has the hookup there too, bro.


Old gentleman, you look tubular.

What about gear for the future? Yep…got that too.


Now the old gentleman looks equipped to take on a cyborg. Bring it on. Check out that link up there to see for yourself…that app itself is worth the bump. I’m pretty sure I want some future-ass-goggles. Badly.

Shop Like Swantron

I’m either the best shopper or the worst shopper in the world. I love a deal as much as anybody, but I absolutely hate the process of mulling over purchases. Stores make me uneasy…the pressure to buy impulsively mixed with the people mixed with the smells and sounds drives me up the wall. People watching is fun, but not fun enough to shop recreationally.

I am the type of dude who knows what he wants. Moreover, I know how to conduct product research. More moreover, I am pretty dang good at cross-referencing, research, and comparison in general. That aspect suits me incredibly well for online shopping…which has become my main means of purchasing goods. Yours truly, for the win.

shopping robot
shopping robot lady is shopping

Shop like swantron. I have had it with sites like deals.woot and slickdeals. Too much garbage, too little quantity. If you are truly looking for some online [link removed], hit the link and check out savings.com. Maybe I’m jaded, since I’m a techno-fiend. I don’t think so, though. I have made zero attempt to cover up the fact that I am a Dell fanboy…savings.com has [link removed] that make my offers from Dell themselves look pretty lousy. Don’t jump to conclusions, though…they also frequently push out Verizon deals that smoke the verizonwireless deals out of the water. Just saying.

Long story short, this is exactly the type of site that makes my day, shopping-wise. I can sit back and look for deals that I have been considering, without spending any time physically looking for stuff of this nature. Aggregation in it’s finest. Now, the thing that remains is figuring out how to budget more effectively…that might be where [link removed] comes in. Personal finance is the best finance, so it seems.

I’m off to check for deals on earbuds. My Skull Candys are out of commission. One earbud is one earbud too few, when you are living ghetto fabulous in a 4×8 cubicle. Offices, for the loss.