OBL Helmet Cam Footage

Drudge is reporting that the White House is preparing to release a photo of Osama dead. There is all sorts of speculation going on now…talks about releasing a video of his burial at sea, for instance.

Keep in mind that I avoid talking religion and politics on this site. There are all sorts of idiots blathering on about such things. This has nothing to do with the motivations, but rather a way to analyze the video, should it surface. Likely because it has been on my mind a lot lately, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the open source software I have been researching lately.

+1 terminal

I have been messing around with an algorithm nicknamed “Predator.” Messing around, as in trying to get something developed on W7 / Matlab to work on Debian / Octave. Sort of a pain, but I digress. OpenTLD is the project…

How is this applicable? It works to track unknown objects in unbounded video streams. Here, it can be used to compare a reference image (known pic of Osama) to the example footage (military helmet cam) for identification purposes. This could be used also to dampen the movement of the video…take out the bounce.

Check out the video of this thing in action, in a demonstration by the creator Zdenek Kalal, after the bump:
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