Tron Baby

My sidekick is already dabbling in solid state physics…

tron baby
light tricycle?

…namely, the optics around the 440 nanometer range. She is oxidizing some bilirubin into biliverdin.

I have a bunch of RBG LEDs on my workbench…maybe I should go slap together an auxiliary biliblanket. DIY neonatal hack…

22 Degrees Solar Halo

I took a spin outside for a brief reading session on my lunch break yesterday. I’m glad I did, as I was treated to a little optical phenominon action…in the form of a 22 Degree Solar Halo. FTW.

I’m posting some pics I snapped…I’ll toss in the full write-up soon.



number 1


I inverted the colors of that last pic, quite obviously. That will be my template, so to speak, on which to wax nerdy in a Physics-y kind of way. Stay tuned.